5 things to do in Bayfield, WI in the Fall.

Jordan and I just celebrated our anniversary and chose to do so in Bayfield (one of the cutest towns on the shores of Lake Superior). Now unfortunately our anniversary is in the Fall which meant temps were chilly so we didn’t get to explore the Apostle Islands by kayak; que next summers adventure. 

However, we had loads of fun in the fall weather both in Bayfield and Madeline Island. Here are five musts when visiting.. 

1) Bayfield Winery 

On your way in, check out this cute winery.. where you get six tastings of Apple inspired vino AND a cute wine glass to take home, all for $5! 

 My favorite: Cherry Farm House Cider

Jordan’s favorite: Queen’s Red

2) The Fat Radish

This cute shoppe is both a coffee Cafe and a restaurant in the evenings. They have a brillant Mexican Mocha and Blackberry scone that will change your life. After, take a short (few block) walk to the shore and take in the views, which are very dog friendly.

3) Madeline Island. 

Hop aboard the ferry and head over but be sure to dress accordingly; it gets chilly on the ride in. There are no cabs on the island but you can rent mopeds or in our case rent a tandem bike! 

Our ferry views (up) and our sweet ride (below) 

4) Tom’s Burned Down Cafe

Once on the island, you need to check this place out which is quite literally a Cafe that burned down in the past and is remade with miscellaneous items.. it’s a “see-to-believe” kind of place. However, they have a great drinks and a sketch artist. Also, is extremely dog friendly as well as very friendly people! We had such a fun time. 

And finally… 

5)  The Ritten House Masion/B&B 

We celebrated our anniversary in style. We had quite an amazing dinner. It was a gorgeous home, great service and the fish is spectacular. Doesn’t get fresher than this. A must when visiting Bayfield. 

Seeing this town in the Fall was absolutely wonderful with so many things to do! 

As far as a place to stay, we can’t recommend Ole and Lenas place enough. We got our own suite, which was great for the dogs. It was tucked in the woods and the coffee they made us was wonderful. They are an amazing couple with great stories.. and amazing views. 

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What I learned in the BWCA while camping with my husband 

Ladies get ready for this..

  1. Bare it all….                                                                                                                                          You’ll experience your husband in his entirety as he will you. Get ready to bare it all. And while doing so that being said .. pack some extra essentials, ie. TP. However,  it’s not all that bad. You get to spend time cooking, cleaning, bathing and using the lou (which you will get insanely good at squatting). Don’t forget a toothbrush, deodorant, and conditioner depending on your hair type ( I forgot this and wish I hadn’t. My hair was in knots due to its thickness)-everything else you can manage without 👍🏽

2. Hunting.

Fishing is awesome in the BWCA and depending on your food packing skills, it may be crucial in having a good meal.  For us, it was mostly for fun but we did enjoy a few filets with dinner. I’m still a bit newer to the fishing game and may or may not have broken a pole and lets just say.. he may shed a tear if you lose his favorite lure. Make up for it by helping catch dinner… use these > > > (your goal just got a whole lot easier)


3. Gathering.

You’ll be paddling and fishing all day so you’ll be pretty hungry. I suggest prepping a few meals for the evenings (in the unfortunate event you don’t catch fish) and having sandwich items for lunch.  Trail mix is always a favorite! I made mine from nuts, dried cranberrys and mini Reese’s I bought from Trader Joe’s.

4.  Shelter.

Set up camp early. I’m usually on tent duty so I bought a really easy one to get up. I got mine from Amazon and it worked perfectly! I was able to set it up with minimal effort and took me about 5 minutes – get it here. “https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B004J2GUP4/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B004J2GUP4&linkCode=am2&tag=pamperedpitti-20&linkId=3503e023dc586971c1f8fffacf2f8cc7”>

I also recommend sleeping pads; the ground gets quite rocky up here, you can get the ones we used and really loved here   “https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00ANRW7DI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00ANRW7DI&linkCode=am2&tag=pamperedpitti-20&linkId=0cdf40e55e95264ac61c42382cdf413e”>

5.  ENJOY it all.

With how crazy and chaotic life can be – its nice to step away from the technology world and go off the grid with your best friend. ☀️

Enjoy the BCWA.. I know I sure did… enough to make this an annual trip!

Last One In Is A Rotten Egg

Whew! So we’ve got chickens. What started off as two has quickly become four egg-laying hens and quite the adventure.

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Two chickens, Basil and Rocket, came with our lovely house complete with chicken coop. We decided to speed up egg production by purchasing two more from some lovely Facebook friends. Now, introducing new chickens to an, already established coop, is quite problematic and messy considering there is a pecking order that must be maintained. However, Rocket quickly decided she is the Alpha and the others obliged with no choice (fights did happen but were pretty mild).

So far, we’ve gotten about a bakers dozen of eggs or so and the two new chickens escaped once. Now THAT was chaos. Imagine us running up and down the alley chasing chickens in a CITY. Not to mention, we had to climb a very, very tall tree. The birds were caught and we clipped their flying wings very carefully. We confined them to the coop for a few days to learn their surroundings and they have been great since.

Now, here’s to smooth sailing and some happy, healthy chickens! Eggs anyone?


Climbing to the Top

Never stop reaching for the stars, literally or figuratively! Vertical endeavors in Minneapolis helps you attempt this goal. We went in the afternoon on Tuesday, which turned out to be a good idea; it’s gets quite busy around 5pm. We were able to climb a few walls before heading out for some pho. Now eat-street (Nicollett Ave) has some awesome pho spots but we ended up at Pho79. Following, we ended at our favorite spot, Glamdoll, for some donuts. Although rock climbing made it hard to lift the donuts to our mouths, we managed and are happy campers this evening 🙂  



A Wino’s Paradise 

In the land of Carhartts’s and cornfields, we stumbled across this gem, Pour! Wine Bar & Bistro. Mostly due to my constant need for food, we decided to give it a shot. Although it is slightly more expensive than your local Applebee’s, it is worth it. Both the Sweetness! and Cabernet wine flights were delicious, not to mention, the bruschetta we had as an appetizer. Even if you are not a wine lover, they have awesome liquor and beer flights as well! This place is tucked away in Otsego but is a gorgeous little wine bar and bistro suitable for a romantic date night or even a girls night out 💕