What I learned in the BWCA while camping with my husband 

Ladies get ready for this..

  1. Bare it all….                                                                                                                                          You’ll experience your husband in his entirety as he will you. Get ready to bare it all. And while doing so that being said .. pack some extra essentials, ie. TP. However,  it’s not all that bad. You get to spend time cooking, cleaning, bathing and using the lou (which you will get insanely good at squatting). Don’t forget a toothbrush, deodorant, and conditioner depending on your hair type ( I forgot this and wish I hadn’t. My hair was in knots due to its thickness)-everything else you can manage without 👍🏽

2. Hunting.

Fishing is awesome in the BWCA and depending on your food packing skills, it may be crucial in having a good meal.  For us, it was mostly for fun but we did enjoy a few filets with dinner. I’m still a bit newer to the fishing game and may or may not have broken a pole and lets just say.. he may shed a tear if you lose his favorite lure. Make up for it by helping catch dinner… use these > > > (your goal just got a whole lot easier)


3. Gathering.

You’ll be paddling and fishing all day so you’ll be pretty hungry. I suggest prepping a few meals for the evenings (in the unfortunate event you don’t catch fish) and having sandwich items for lunch.  Trail mix is always a favorite! I made mine from nuts, dried cranberrys and mini Reese’s I bought from Trader Joe’s.

4.  Shelter.

Set up camp early. I’m usually on tent duty so I bought a really easy one to get up. I got mine from Amazon and it worked perfectly! I was able to set it up with minimal effort and took me about 5 minutes – get it here. “https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B004J2GUP4/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B004J2GUP4&linkCode=am2&tag=pamperedpitti-20&linkId=3503e023dc586971c1f8fffacf2f8cc7”>

I also recommend sleeping pads; the ground gets quite rocky up here, you can get the ones we used and really loved here   “https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00ANRW7DI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00ANRW7DI&linkCode=am2&tag=pamperedpitti-20&linkId=0cdf40e55e95264ac61c42382cdf413e”>

5.  ENJOY it all.

With how crazy and chaotic life can be – its nice to step away from the technology world and go off the grid with your best friend. ☀️

Enjoy the BCWA.. I know I sure did… enough to make this an annual trip!

Not your typical “Netflix and Chill” kind of night.. 

We’re back!! Yes, we took a short break from our blog but have had quite the summer. Not only did we spend the Summer and Fall continuing to explore, finding wonderful dates along the way but Jordan asked me to marry him and I happily accepted. 

We’ve spent time in the Boundary Waters to as far as Craig, Colorado but we will share those adventures with you later 😉 

Now don’t get us wrong, the whole “Netflix and chill” is great and all but sometimes you just need to get gussied up and head 27 floors up! Jordan took me to the Foshay’s prohibition bar to enjoy cocktails and appetizers on a Thursday night and it was better than expected. Although it was quite busy, we found a cozy place to cuddle up and take in the room -literally, think prohibition era. 

Plan to pay for parking and this bar is a little spendy but definitely worth the trouble. Not to mention, ladies beware it is quite a walk but once you get there, a cozy chair or sofa be waiting. 

With these delicious drinks, you won’t find many teetotalers at this blind pig 🥂

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It’s Never Too Cold…

For ice cream!! 

Ice cream is the key to my heart. Which is why Jordan always enjoys taking me for a cone.. He knows what he’s doing 😉 

We visited Sebastian Joe’s in Uptown on Saturday night and it was delicious! It was a little busy but the lines went fast and were well worth it! The ice cream here is amazing and definitely worth the trip!


Our Theory on Dating

The goal of this blog is to help couples go on better dates. However, we realize that not all couples are at the same dating stage. Thus, we have determined that there are two main types of dates: first dates and not first dates. (No brainer, huh?) 

In our eyes, first dates need to be more affordable, low-pressure, offer the opportunity to converse with one another, and most importantly have an “escape route” for the dates that go sour.

For those couples who have made it past date one, we theorize that the best of dates have three parts: a beginning, middle, and end, if you will. Typically the beginning is some type of activity. Upon completing said activity, hunger inevitably strikes, so the middle portion of the date involves food. Following a meal, a “nightcap” to the date is optional. This stage is reserved for veterans of the dating game and may even insure a goodnight kiss… or morning kiss for that matter.

We hope you enjoy all of our adventures and hopefully they inspire you with yours 🙂 

One Last Hooraw. 

With summer officially (and sadly) coming to a close, we figured we’d take advantage of every ounce of sun we possibly could. 

We went to the Walker Art Museum and Sculpture garden in Minneapolis; who knew they had two mini golf courses. Of course Jordan and I spent most of our time trying to beat each other at that and weren’t able to catch a peek of the museum itself. However, the sculpture garden is definitely a site to see. I recommend to make a day of this event because you get free admission to the museum with the purchase of mini golf and food/drink trucks are in front of the golf entrance. Hope to see you there before the snow begins to fall.. Happy putting 🙂


Apple Extravaganza

Apple cider, Apple butter, Apple brats, Apple-everything! At Aamodt’s Apple Orchard, no apple is safe.. And it’s wonderful. They have several types of apples; you can pick them fresh from the tree or buy a bag of your favorites at their store. Make sure to check out their petting farm; the goats are especially friendly if you have an offering.

Dogs are welcome too! Jordan and I had to let Stella enjoy the day with us at this orchard and she loved it. She even got to indulge in some apple donuts and brats. For the lovebirds or just the winos, the St. Croix Winery is located on the grounds amidst all the action. Wine isn’t overpriced and is nice to sip on as you pick your apples; don’t forget your IDs! 

Fall season is upon us; enjoy 🍏🍎🍁🍂


North Country

The Fall wedding season is upon us!

Jordan and I ventured up to Duluth for the night to attend a wedding in the North Shore. 

Before celebrating nuptials, we decided to check out their local zoo. The Lake Superior zoo is so diverse in the animals it has; nothing like the city zoos and these animals were very interactive. That being said, this zoo is a little bit more spendy but we fed goats, pet chinchillas, and got to see a Joey 3 feet from us. This zoo quickly moved up to my favorites after the visit. 

 (A Joey, lion/loiness, monkey, and feeding a goat) 

An absolute must on our trip is stopping at the Duluth Grill. This restaurant is pretty neat considering some of the produce they use is harvested in their own garden … In the parking lot. Not to mention, reasonable prices and organic, local foods. Usually, wait times can take a while (definitely worth it), so I suggest exploring their garden while you wait or endulging in their delcious coffee. This hidden gem is located off of I-35 and 27th ave in Duluth and you can indulge all week from 7am- 9pm.

Until next time.. ☕️  
  (I got the Organic Eggs Benedict and Jordan got the Buffalo burger and smash potatoes)

 (Picking the weeds in their parking-lot garden)  

Primal Instincts

 You will never be old or too young to enjoy the Zoo. The Como Zoo is extremely affordable, it’s free. It is the perfect, casual outing for a nice day. This zoo has rides, food and even a photo booth to capture your wonderful date!  

Jordan and I decided to eat before hand because concessions can get spendy at the zoo. We decided to go to On’s Thai food in St. Paul near the Como Zoo. Their food was excellent and service was fast. 


We capped off our date with a trip to Patti’s Ice cream and Sweet Shoppe in Roseville. Talk about a blast from the past. Not only was their soft serve amazing but we left with some candy cigarettes as well 🙂 


A Wino’s Paradise 

In the land of Carhartts’s and cornfields, we stumbled across this gem, Pour! Wine Bar & Bistro. Mostly due to my constant need for food, we decided to give it a shot. Although it is slightly more expensive than your local Applebee’s, it is worth it. Both the Sweetness! and Cabernet wine flights were delicious, not to mention, the bruschetta we had as an appetizer. Even if you are not a wine lover, they have awesome liquor and beer flights as well! This place is tucked away in Otsego but is a gorgeous little wine bar and bistro suitable for a romantic date night or even a girls night out 💕