5 things to do in Bayfield, WI in the Fall.

Jordan and I just celebrated our anniversary and chose to do so in Bayfield (one of the cutest towns on the shores of Lake Superior). Now unfortunately our anniversary is in the Fall which meant temps were chilly so we didn’t get to explore the Apostle Islands by kayak; que next summers adventure. 

However, we had loads of fun in the fall weather both in Bayfield and Madeline Island. Here are five musts when visiting.. 

1) Bayfield Winery 

On your way in, check out this cute winery.. where you get six tastings of Apple inspired vino AND a cute wine glass to take home, all for $5! 

 My favorite: Cherry Farm House Cider

Jordan’s favorite: Queen’s Red

2) The Fat Radish

This cute shoppe is both a coffee Cafe and a restaurant in the evenings. They have a brillant Mexican Mocha and Blackberry scone that will change your life. After, take a short (few block) walk to the shore and take in the views, which are very dog friendly.

3) Madeline Island. 

Hop aboard the ferry and head over but be sure to dress accordingly; it gets chilly on the ride in. There are no cabs on the island but you can rent mopeds or in our case rent a tandem bike! 

Our ferry views (up) and our sweet ride (below) 

4) Tom’s Burned Down Cafe

Once on the island, you need to check this place out which is quite literally a Cafe that burned down in the past and is remade with miscellaneous items.. it’s a “see-to-believe” kind of place. However, they have a great drinks and a sketch artist. Also, is extremely dog friendly as well as very friendly people! We had such a fun time. 

And finally… 

5)  The Ritten House Masion/B&B 

We celebrated our anniversary in style. We had quite an amazing dinner. It was a gorgeous home, great service and the fish is spectacular. Doesn’t get fresher than this. A must when visiting Bayfield. 

Seeing this town in the Fall was absolutely wonderful with so many things to do! 

As far as a place to stay, we can’t recommend Ole and Lenas place enough. We got our own suite, which was great for the dogs. It was tucked in the woods and the coffee they made us was wonderful. They are an amazing couple with great stories.. and amazing views. 

Follow us for more adventures – we promise we won’t disappoint ๐Ÿ˜

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Not your typical “Netflix and Chill” kind of night..ย 

We’re back!! Yes, we took a short break from our blog but have had quite the summer. Not only did we spend the Summer and Fall continuing to explore, finding wonderful dates along the way but Jordan asked me to marry him and I happily accepted. 

We’ve spent time in the Boundary Waters to as far as Craig, Colorado but we will share those adventures with you later ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Now don’t get us wrong, the whole “Netflix and chill” is great and all but sometimes you just need to get gussied up and head 27 floors up! Jordan took me to the Foshay’s prohibition bar to enjoy cocktails and appetizers on a Thursday night and it was better than expected. Although it was quite busy, we found a cozy place to cuddle up and take in the room -literally, think prohibition era. 

Plan to pay for parking and this bar is a little spendy but definitely worth the trouble. Not to mention, ladies beware it is quite a walk but once you get there, a cozy chair or sofa be waiting. 

With these delicious drinks, you won’t find many teetotalers at this blind pig ๐Ÿฅ‚

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Our Theory on Dating

The goal of this blog is to help couples go on better dates. However, we realize that not all couples are at the same dating stage. Thus, we have determined that there are two main types of dates: first dates and not first dates. (No brainer, huh?) 

In our eyes, first dates need to be more affordable, low-pressure, offer the opportunity to converse with one another, and most importantly have an “escape route” for the dates that go sour.

For those couples who have made it past date one, we theorize that the best of dates have three parts: a beginning, middle, and end, if you will. Typically the beginning is some type of activity. Upon completing said activity, hunger inevitably strikes, so the middle portion of the date involves food. Following a meal, a “nightcap” to the date is optional. This stage is reserved for veterans of the dating game and may even insure a goodnight kiss… or morning kiss for that matter.

We hope you enjoy all of our adventures and hopefully they inspire you with yours ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Finger Lickin’ Good

At Q Fanatic in Champlin, no chicken, pig or cow is safe. With amazing tasting sauces and prices out of this world, cheap, you’ll be back time and time again. Jordan and I love this place because it is so “simple” if you will; you feel very at home and can eat until your hearts content! We usually get the meal deal for two which is more then enough for even us, the food hoarders, insane eaters, and endless Bellies. Whenever we’re running errands in the area, we always end up here.. It’s addicting! 


Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and COFFEE!ย 

Early morning road trips require a stop at a cute little coffee shop. On the way to Rochester for my brothers wedding, we stubbled across this social gathering site for many at Area 57!  We were quickly greeted not only by the staff but by many of the guests too (I sure do love ‘Minnesota-nice’ small towns). Jordan always enjoys his dark roasts but I tend to like something sweeter so I decided on their Carmel latte and was definitely pleased! If you’re ever headed down south, this place is worth the stop. 


Dolled up to Dine Out

Any day of the week can be “date night”, even a Wednesday. With Fall transitioning into Winter and both of our schedules packed to the brim, we felt it necessary to spend some quality time together feasting on salmon and rib roast at Kincaids in St.Paul. The food was delicious and our view… Wow. It was a gorgeous view of the streets of St.Paul; the only thing that would make it better would be a light snowfall (after all, I’m Minnesotan). That being said, once Winter is fully here, we will be back! And with helpful staff and a quiet setting, it was a wonderful evening out. Don’t even fret about parking, they will validate your card if you park in the ramp!

Desserts highly recommended* ๐Ÿ˜‰   


History in The Baking.

Over in the quaint town of Anoka, you will immediately be comforted by warm carbohydrates because let’s face it, that’s the best kind. Hans Bakery is well known for its unusually large donuts but who’s complaining. Following dinner, Jordan and I indulged in some spooky treats; he enjoyed a buzz-worthy treat called the beehive and I enjoyed a mummy cookie. Check them out! 





Potato Slinging Fun!

Over the weekend, Jordan and I realized our days are limited to get some pumpkins to display for Halloween. That being said, we hopped in the car and headed to Otsego to the 101 Market where pumpkins are merely a piece of what they do. From a corn maze to petting zoo that actually sells some of their animals, this place will make you look forward to the season of brisk air. And yes, we even got to “sling” potatoes and corn at an old school bus! The food is enough to tide you over but you may want to consider some of the local restaurants for something more filling! You’ll definitely need your energy for this fun, activity-filled pumpkin patch ๐ŸŽƒ


One Last Hooraw.ย 

With summer officially (and sadly) coming to a close, we figured we’d take advantage of every ounce of sun we possibly could. 

We went to the Walker Art Museum and Sculpture garden in Minneapolis; who knew they had two mini golf courses. Of course Jordan and I spent most of our time trying to beat each other at that and weren’t able to catch a peek of the museum itself. However, the sculpture garden is definitely a site to see. I recommend to make a day of this event because you get free admission to the museum with the purchase of mini golf and food/drink trucks are in front of the golf entrance. Hope to see you there before the snow begins to fall.. Happy putting ๐Ÿ™‚