Not your typical “Netflix and Chill” kind of night.. 

We’re back!! Yes, we took a short break from our blog but have had quite the summer. Not only did we spend the Summer and Fall continuing to explore, finding wonderful dates along the way but Jordan asked me to marry him and I happily accepted. 

We’ve spent time in the Boundary Waters to as far as Craig, Colorado but we will share those adventures with you later 😉 

Now don’t get us wrong, the whole “Netflix and chill” is great and all but sometimes you just need to get gussied up and head 27 floors up! Jordan took me to the Foshay’s prohibition bar to enjoy cocktails and appetizers on a Thursday night and it was better than expected. Although it was quite busy, we found a cozy place to cuddle up and take in the room -literally, think prohibition era. 

Plan to pay for parking and this bar is a little spendy but definitely worth the trouble. Not to mention, ladies beware it is quite a walk but once you get there, a cozy chair or sofa be waiting. 

With these delicious drinks, you won’t find many teetotalers at this blind pig 🥂

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A Blast from the (Polish) Past.

Just your typical Saturday night, complete with a piano bar AND polka band. In NE Minneapolis, you won’t experience anything quite like Nye’s Polonaise Restaurant and Bar.  The fun (piano and Polka) start at 8:30 which is also when the crowd starts to build. Jord and I had one of their famous martinis in the bar to enjoy the Polka band while waiting for our table. Once ready, we went to the side with the piano and restaurant to enjoy a wonderful, very generous-portioned meal. Young or old, this place is a blast from the past and a wonderful time, full of laughs and smiles. Be sure to make it here before January; unfortunately, this diamond in the rough is closing its doors. Nye’s is too spectualar to miss out on. 


Our Theory on Dating

The goal of this blog is to help couples go on better dates. However, we realize that not all couples are at the same dating stage. Thus, we have determined that there are two main types of dates: first dates and not first dates. (No brainer, huh?) 

In our eyes, first dates need to be more affordable, low-pressure, offer the opportunity to converse with one another, and most importantly have an “escape route” for the dates that go sour.

For those couples who have made it past date one, we theorize that the best of dates have three parts: a beginning, middle, and end, if you will. Typically the beginning is some type of activity. Upon completing said activity, hunger inevitably strikes, so the middle portion of the date involves food. Following a meal, a “nightcap” to the date is optional. This stage is reserved for veterans of the dating game and may even insure a goodnight kiss… or morning kiss for that matter.

We hope you enjoy all of our adventures and hopefully they inspire you with yours 🙂 

Holy Guacamole! 

The Midtown Global Market is beyond words. Jordan and I had never been anywhere like it before. With so many unique and interesting cuisines available, it is a sure bet that you and your date will enjoy it as much as we did.

We decided to go with Mexican and ate at Salsa a la Salsa and were not disappointed!  



Following lunch,  we decided to try out some local craft beers at East Lake Brewery, which was awesome. Tip: start with the flight of beer ; both light and dark are delicious. Beards are welcome 😉