Bright Lights, Big City

Jordan and I have been quite busy as of late between work, school, house hunting  and travel, our blog has taken a bit of the backseat! However, we went on so many fabulous dates in the big apple and can’t wait to share them. 

If you find yourself in the city and you’re up for some laughs, constant, belly hurting, laughs.. The Comedy Cellar is the place you! 

Not only are there reasonable prices, deliciously strong drinks and some hilarious comedians, the wait time for the show is minimal. However, as far as food goes, Jordan and I only drank at the show because it’s a weird seating chart to be eating in our opinion. 

We stopped at the pizza joint around the corner and woofed down a slice of thee most amazing pizza in NYC! 

This is a must when you’re in the big city.  


Climbing to the Top

Never stop reaching for the stars, literally or figuratively! Vertical endeavors in Minneapolis helps you attempt this goal. We went in the afternoon on Tuesday, which turned out to be a good idea; it’s gets quite busy around 5pm. We were able to climb a few walls before heading out for some pho. Now eat-street (Nicollett Ave) has some awesome pho spots but we ended up at Pho79. Following, we ended at our favorite spot, Glamdoll, for some donuts. Although rock climbing made it hard to lift the donuts to our mouths, we managed and are happy campers this evening ๐Ÿ™‚  



Let’s Get Wild!

Sporting events are thee best dates! Nothing like insane cheering and consuming/drinking thousands of calories in one sitting. It screams romance, huh? Maybe not, but it does get you out of your comfort zone to enjoy one another. One of our favorite dates is watching the Minnesota Wild play at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Don’t get me wrong, we love having a romantic dinners out and would have loved to grab a bite at one of the amazing St. Paul restaurants before hand but there wasn’t any empty seat at any nearby. However, the X has so many delicious options as well! We parked a little farther from the X to avoid the traffic post game in the ramps- big tip! Have fun enjoying your favorite team ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


Thank you, Thank you.ย 

Newer to Blaine but a wonderful addition, Kintaro Sushi and Hibachi doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re ordering sushi or something fried, you can’t go wrong. Jord and I were lucky enough to receive a gift card to this restaurant and amidst all the shopping, we decided to stop in. It was a slower afternoon but we were sat and greeted right away. Their General Tso’s chicken was wonderful as well as their sushi appetizer! Stop in and give this gem a try!


Home Away From Home

And that’s exactly what the Moondance Inn is. You’re welcomed with wine and cheese as you check in to this marvelous home. With each room complete with a whirl pool tub, the goal is to relax your entire stay. Jord and I headed to Red Wing with our best friends for a weekend of bliss. The Moondance Inn also has many deals and perks of spending an entire weekend so we enjoyed a free meal at a local restaurant on them! Finishing up our evening we played board games in the  attic with a glow from the fireplace. I know you’re thinking it cant get any better then that.. But yes it can. Sunday morning coffee and tea served at 8:30 followed by a delicious breakfast; the cook even takes all dietary needs into consideration.  The care-takers at the Moondance really go above and beyond! We will all be back for many years to come.  


A Winter Wonderland

Who says you have to spend money to have a fun date? Not us! Last night, while doing a somewhat dreaded chore, shoveling, we turned lemons into lemonade or more so, snow into a very large, man. Jordan and I worked together to make a nine-foot tall snowman, complete with coal eyes and mouth and a carrot nose! Our puppies also enjoyed the snowy night ๐Ÿ™‚ it was a great way to be together and make something fun!  


A Blast from the (Polish) Past.

Just your typical Saturday night, complete with a piano bar AND polka band. In NE Minneapolis, you won’t experience anything quite like Nye’s Polonaise Restaurant and Bar.  The fun (piano and Polka) start at 8:30 which is also when the crowd starts to build. Jord and I had one of their famous martinis in the bar to enjoy the Polka band while waiting for our table. Once ready, we went to the side with the piano and restaurant to enjoy a wonderful, very generous-portioned meal. Young or old, this place is a blast from the past and a wonderful time, full of laughs and smiles. Be sure to make it here before January; unfortunately, this diamond in the rough is closing its doors. Nye’s is too spectualar to miss out on. 


Starting the Week Off with a Bang

Jordan surpised me with an impromptu trip to Bills Gun Range in Circle Pines and I had such a fun time! I haven’t shot a gun in quite some time nor have I shot guns like these before! The range and equipment rental (yes, you can rent all sizes of guns here) were minimal! However, for a first date, perhaps go to dinner first to talk a bit because talking is very difficult with loud bangs and ear protection at the range. For date night, boys night or even a ladies night (girls, seriously, go check it out – such great deals), you can’t go wrong with Bill’s.

After hitting some bullseyes, Jord and I went to Bamboo Betty’s for some apps. It is definitely more of a bar then a restaurant but the food is delicious, making the loud music worth it on a Sunday night. 

Happy shooting ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Our Theory on Dating

The goal of this blog is to help couples go on better dates. However, we realize that not all couples are at the same dating stage. Thus, we have determined that there are two main types of dates: first dates and not first dates. (No brainer, huh?) 

In our eyes, first dates need to be more affordable, low-pressure, offer the opportunity to converse with one another, and most importantly have an “escape route” for the dates that go sour.

For those couples who have made it past date one, we theorize that the best of dates have three parts: a beginning, middle, and end, if you will. Typically the beginning is some type of activity. Upon completing said activity, hunger inevitably strikes, so the middle portion of the date involves food. Following a meal, a “nightcap” to the date is optional. This stage is reserved for veterans of the dating game and may even insure a goodnight kiss… or morning kiss for that matter.

We hope you enjoy all of our adventures and hopefully they inspire you with yours ๐Ÿ™‚