So You’re Planning a Wedding..

Ah, he finally proposed…. now what?

Heres the start of wedding planning, which let me tell you, can be the best thing and the worst thing..

I will help you with the in’s and out’s that range from what to splurge on to what I made myself as well as helpful tutorials. Saddle up ladies, you’re going to learn quite a bit here…

I decided I’m crafty enough to make our own event decor and ended up saving a ton!  First, we had to decide on colors and then it was time for centerpieces.. I turned this 👇🏽 into … ✨

 Nice, simple.. and easy to pack!
Mason Jars were cheap in bulk, the faux baby’s breath and Roses  (this come in a variety of colors) and came right to my door and I used Mod Podge and glitter for the table numbers and jar and wa-la! Handcrafted, EASY, centerpieces.

I recommend using the Matte Coating to prevent glitter from getting everywhere! And its helpful in the next project I’ll mention too! 👇🏽

I had my girlfriends come over and they helped with the process over a bottle of wine and let me vent/go over wedding plans… much needed!

I also decided to make some fun signs for our guest book and seating arrangements. Again, these were super easy and you save a bunch by doing it yourself.

I looked up some fonts online, grabbed my chalk pen and went to work!

You can get your Chalkboard Signs  and chalk marker here!

We decided to splurge on a photographer but are having a friend be our “extra” for some of those “candid” shots. After all, you only get married once – we did splurge on a nice  guest book for our polaroids.

Fortunately, with a destination wedding – several things are included in the package including flowers and the cake – we just let them know what colors and off they went!

As far as the dress and attire goes, I did NOT splurge here – I shopped consignment and saved a fortune. I actually bought 2 dresses, one from Amazon , and one from a friend.  Both gorgeous but finally narrowed it down. The girls were all told to pick a blush maxi dress – shade and store you buy from doesn’t matter, why go crazy with those little things..

The details are the most stressful so why not have fun with them! Call the wedding party over and pop open some wine -ENJOY yourself. This is one of the most exciting events of our life.
Any questions on what was made or planning, ASK!


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