Last One In Is A Rotten Egg

Whew! So we’ve got chickens. What started off as two has quickly become four egg-laying hens and quite the adventure.

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Two chickens, Basil and Rocket, came with our lovely house complete with chicken coop. We decided to speed up egg production by purchasing two more from some lovely Facebook friends. Now, introducing new chickens to an, already established coop, is quite problematic and messy considering there is a pecking order that must be maintained. However, Rocket quickly decided she is the Alpha and the others obliged with no choice (fights did happen but were pretty mild).

So far, we’ve gotten about a bakers dozen of eggs or so and the two new chickens escaped once. Now THAT was chaos. Imagine us running up and down the alley chasing chickens in a CITY. Not to mention, we had to climb a very, very tall tree. The birds were caught and we clipped their flying wings very carefully. We confined them to the coop for a few days to learn their surroundings and they have been great since.

Now, here’s to smooth sailing and some happy, healthy chickens! Eggs anyone?


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